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Recently I was reminded of one of the most touching photography series (still on-going) I have ever seen. Brought to my attention by a photographer that was actually one of my wedding photographers assistants, it’s a stunning look into the everyday life of living with cancer. It is chillingly beautiful, heart-wrenchingly moving, and emotionally draining.


Angelo Merendino chronicles his wife’s, Jen, battle with breast cancer through the art of photography. Please view for yourself their loving story of strength told in black and white by checking the links below: first is the website of all his  photos of Jen,  second is his page for their documentary, and third is where I first experienced their struggle in One Life: an international photo competition.




I have never been so moved by photos before, bringing me to tears every time I view them, while making me grin from the obvious love that they share for each other, and the strength that gets them through each day. You will never see so much honesty, reality and humanity than you will in Angelo’s work of Jen. His journalistic, yet candidly personal style is captivating.


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