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This is How I See It

As I begin my venture as an art blogger,  I find it more than necessary to list some of my favorite artists.

Artist I’d Most Like to Be:

Ephemeral Artist Andy Goldsworthy whose work not only inspires me, but literally puts me in awe. What he is capable of not only imagining, but executing is something I will strive for my entire life. Though most of his work is temporary, the life it is given in his documentary films and prints is still quite moving, and the pieces made of stone and are permanent editions to museums and the like are ever changing. Though I’m a sucker for a great accent, his use of found objects in nature, color, natural decomposition, and negative space is ingenious, and the real reason I hold him on a pedestal.

Artist Whose Painting Styles I Love:

Georges-Pierre Seurat & Vincent VanGogh are the Kings of Tedium & Technique. I must say my appreciation for them goes further than their wondrous beards. Seurat’s use of stippling and VanGogh’s brush strokes create both movement and a softness that elevates their pieces to infamy.

Greatest Use of Pattern/Stylization:

Gustav Klimt’s use of patterned textiles with realistic renderings of his human subjects creates a seduction that is hard to ignore especially in The Kiss and Tree of Life. Beyond us both being obvious cat lovers, his use of color, pattern and design will always put him on the top of many of my lists when it comes to painters.

Greatest Use of Color:

Wassily Kandinsky, beyond his Blue Rider, his color usage was bold, fully saturated, and beyond the abstraction of his peers.

I could go on forever categorizing and listing artists of the ages, but I don’t want to bore you, especially with my first post. Hopefully, you were able to figure me out a bit as well as get a handle on my writing style.


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